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No Eyes

So, here I am sitting here and readjusting my sleep schedule.

Activities include:
  • Cleaning the apartment (in case maintenance shows up).

  • Drinking a lot of coffee.

  • Pissing a lot because I drank a lot of coffee

  • Watching documentaries on Hitler and the occult

  • Reading Hellblazer.

  • Maybe doing something responsible like setting up my school account thing. Maybe.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to use the restroom again.


Readjusting a sleep schedule is an annoying task, in itself! Which documentaries on the occult have you seen? Some are just downright dumb!

I have Netflix if you ever want to use the account. You have to stream it from your computer, but its got some interesting ones on there.
Oh! Netflix would be great! Thank you! If you can, just send me the log in info through Facebook mail.

All I saw today was a History Channel program that someone had ripped to YouTube called "Hitler and the Occult." It was an interesting overview. Nothing too in-depth though. Then I decided to just go and read.
otherkin? lol
LULZ. I take it that you saw that... >.>
Where are the otherkin?! 0_0
On teh interwebs!