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No Eyes

ETs, Meditation, and Free Energy: Father Kish Pisses Some Kids Off

This semester, I'm taking a class called "ETs, Meditation, and Free Energy" with Dr. Graf. The topics that are being covered (obviously) are the existence of extraterrestrial beings, the usage of meditation, and alternative energy sources. I won't get into how I feel and where I stand about the subjects but I will say that I'm enjoying the class.

With that being said:

Today, I had an in-class Skype call with Father Kish on his beliefs and experiences with extraterrestrial beings. He feels that Biblical scripture as well as the records from other cultures support the existence of ETs (mentioning the Fiery Chariot that picked up Elijah as one example and the glowing eyes that Ezekiel as another). He commented on how pillars of fire and fiery chariots were probably the best way Biblical authors knew how to describe these events. Father Kish also made comments on whether extraterrestrials come from other planets or other dimensions/realms. One thing he definitely felt was that "God" is shared by everything and everyone and that no one truly understands the mystery of God. Fair enough.

During, a group of students behind me were upset felt that Father Kish's beliefs don't line up with what he should have been taught in seminary and that, if he believes in God, he should not believe in aliens and they voiced these opinions rudely during the presentation. They also felt that, as a Catholic priest, he shouldn't be sharing his beliefs about aliens with anyone else. Eventually I got fed up because a) they were being rude and b) they were also being immature in their skepticism. Yeah, be a skeptic about shit. Just don't be a stupid one. I turned around and asked them, "Since you think it's absurd of him to believe in aliens, what's the difference between believing in little green men and believing in an invisible man in the sky?" And after hearing the "well, it's against God's teachings!" argument again, I said, "Catholicism/Christianity as what you know it to be now is different than it was at its inception and over the course of its existence it went through changes. These changes happened because we learned new things about the world around us. Every time the religion changed, it conflicted with the religious doctrine of the times. You are practicing those conflicts today. If you don't like that, then how about you go back to sacrificing fattened animals to God so he doesn't send you to hell."


Traditionally, the fear wasn't Hell, true. It was just about God being pissed off at the Jews or avoiding it rather. However, I was making the Hell remark based on a Christian perspective, not a Jewish one.
Way to miss the point.